Top 10 pizza places in the UK with the cheapest pizza

More than half of the UK’s pizza restaurants are on the menu at Happy’s, a pizza chain with a strong reputation for quality.

The chain also has a reputation for being the cheapest in the country, with customers paying just over £4.50 for a pizza with a slice of its famous pizza sauce.

Happy’s said that it had no idea it was so popular, and had been trying to improve its service and menus to make it more affordable for customers.

It has now announced it is increasing the price of its pizza from £4 to £5 and will have the new prices reflected in the menu from September.

It said that customers would still be able to pay more than £5 for a slice with its sauce.

“With our new prices, customers will be able enjoy a much better value for their money at our restaurants,” a Happy’s spokesman said.

“It’s important to recognise that Happy’s is not just about serving great pizza.

It is about being a great family-owned business with a commitment to serving the best pizza possible.”

Happy’s pizza is available at more than 40 of its locations, including Pizza Hut, Pizza Express, Pizza Hut Supermarkets and Pizza Express Supermarkets.

There is also a burger and a slice for just £3.25 at the Happy’s pizza parlour, while Happy’s restaurants also offer an excellent selection of sandwiches, salads, pizza, pasta and desserts.