Shake Shack’s menu changes for fall 2017

The Shake Shack menu at the popular restaurant in Florida will be changing for the fall.

The restaurant, located at 511 W. State St., will be serving a limited number of new dishes in November.

Those include a chicken wings option and a bacon-cheese burger.

The chicken wings will be called the Shady Wings and the bacon cheeseburger will be the Bacon Burger.

The menu is still being finalized and the restaurant is still in its early stages, said manager Ryan McBride.

The changes are the result of a collaboration between the restaurant’s owner, Mike Roper, and chef Jeff Miller.

The two collaborated on the menu last year after McBride was asked to join the restaurant in the hopes of changing the way customers eat.

The new menu comes at a time when the Shabes have become a fixture on the East Coast.

A recent restaurant review from Eater said Shabe’s “slightly dated, undercooked pork chops are more than just a little odd; they are, in fact, almost entirely unremarkable.”

McBride said he plans to keep the Shabby Wings as the main menu option and the Bacon Burgers as an occasional special.

The Bacon Burger will be available as a separate menu item.

“The Bacon Burger is going to be a little different from what you’re used to,” McBride said.

“I’ve never seen it at the Shabba’s before, so it’s a little wild.”

The menu will be similar to what the restaurant offered last year.

It will include a “shady burger,” a chicken wing, and a “bacon cheeseburgers.”

McBurrie said the menu will reflect the restaurant experience.

The Shady Wing will feature “grilled chicken” and a side of bacon, which is typically served at the restaurant.

The burger will be grilled and topped with fried egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onion.

The Bacon Burgies will be made with beef and mayonnaise.

McBride will add a “gut punch” to the sandwich, which will be a meaty, salty, bacon-flavored spread that will make the Shadhys popular dish a bit more palatable.

McBride and Miller are both working on new menus, and the Shambhala’s original menu is being retired.

The restaurant has since been rebranded as the Shish Shack.

McBurries family opened Shadhies in 1992 in Miami, but it was never a hit.

Its popularity dipped in the 1990s and 2000s, when the restaurant struggled to find a new owner.

It closed in 2010.

McBreedy said he hopes the Shash Shack will keep its current reputation as a casual restaurant that can cater to a wide variety of dining preferences.

He said he has already begun talking with restaurants interested in opening the restaurant to cater to that clientele.

“I think people are going to see this as a destination, and we’re going to try to cater that to that market,” he said.

“We have a great team of people working on this.

I’m confident that this is going be a success.”

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