When Wendy’s opened its first Australian store in 1996, the world was a different place

The opening of Wendy’s Australian branch on January 4, 1996 was a major event in Australian history.

Wendy’s was one of the first Australian fast food chains to enter the Australian market and its first store opened in the Melbourne suburb of Glenelg in July 1995.

Wendy had never opened an Australian store before, but the chain’s reputation was already well established by this point.

In 1996, Australia ranked fifth in the world for number of restaurants per capita.

The country had also become a hotbed for fast food.

With its low price tag and the convenience of a fast-food restaurant, Wendy’s stood out in the fast food world.

“Wendy was the first chain that did this, because it was a chain that was a part of the fast-casual world,” says Wendy’s co-founder, Stephen Lea.

“People would go to McDonalds, and it was their go-to place.”

Wendy’s also had a reputation for being the cheapest restaurant in town, so it was no surprise to see the chain open its first outlet in a suburb that was also home to a large number of fast food restaurants.

But Wendy’s first Australian location was far from the first restaurant chain to open in Australia.

Over the years, there had been other chains in Australia, and while Wendy’s didn’t have a name, it was the chain that became known as Wendy’s Supermarket.

The chain had a number of locations in Australia in the early 1990s, including a store in Melbourne’s inner-west and a store at Hobart’s north shore.

Wendy Supermarket had an average weekly turnover of around $1.5 million, with the average price per person around $11.

Wendy and its franchisees owned many restaurants in Australia and abroad.

The store opened its doors on January 1, 1996 and was the fifth Wendy’s to open its doors in Australia over the previous five years.

At the time, Wendy had just launched its new national store in Sydney, and the store was named after the iconic restaurant in the US sitcom Friends.

The first Wendy’s in Australia opened on January 2, 1996 in the town of Glenlg.

The shop was named Wendy’s World, in homage to the iconic Wendy’s menu in the show.

At this point, Wendy and the Wendy’s franchisees had already expanded into New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

The Wendy’s chain had expanded to the United States, Canada, Australia and South Korea, and was expanding internationally.

“I think it was about five years before we actually opened in New Zealand,” Lea says.

“The first Wendy in New England was in 1999, and then there were a couple of other locations around Australia in New York and a couple more in Melbourne.

It wasn’t long before the Wendy Superstore had grown into the largest Wendy’s outlet in Australia at a total of about 10,000 outlets. “

It was also about three years before the first Wendy opened in Melbourne.”

It wasn’t long before the Wendy Superstore had grown into the largest Wendy’s outlet in Australia at a total of about 10,000 outlets.

“We have about 5,000 restaurants in this country and another 15,000 in Australia,” Leas says.

Wendy Australia’s flagship store, located in Glenelag, opened in 1997, and opened in April 1999.

The company is still one of Australia’s largest franchised chains, with more than 4,000 locations in all states.

“When we first opened, it looked like it was going to be a lot of fun, but it was just a bit of a challenge,” Least says.

The concept for the Wendy in Glenlag store was born when Wendy’s took over the building at the corner of Bentleigh Street and Glenelang Street.

Wendy started off as a discount store, and as the business expanded, the number of stores became bigger and bigger.

“At that point we had about 20 stores, and they weren’t just one-off stores.

It started to become very, very common for Wendy’s franchises to open more and more locations, and eventually the total number of Wendy stores was about 20,000,” Leest says.

Lea and Lea say the opening of a Wendy Superfood outlet gave Wendy’s brand recognition in Australia as well as other countries.

“This is really important to us because we were very much focused on getting the word out about Wendy’s,” Leo says.

After a couple years of expansion, the Wendy and Wendy’s franchised business had grown to more than 50 stores.

“As Wendy’s expanded its range of restaurants and as it became more and much more profitable, we started to look at the franchising business and how it might evolve,” Leam says.

In 2002, Wendy expanded its global footprint to include more than 200 franchised stores in 26 countries.

The franchisees also took over Wendy’s parent company, The Wendy and Company, which had operated for decades in the family restaurant chain.

In 2003, Wendy acquired its own