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The world’s first taco bar has been opened in Tijuana.

Tijuana, Mexico, (AFP) – Mexican restaurants have long been known for their delicious dishes and authentic Mexican fare, but for many years, they were also considered exotic.

But after years of building a reputation in the US, many are now seeing that as a threat.

In 2017, the Mexican food giant El Guajillo opened a new branch of its popular taco bar in Todos Santos, a town in the central state of Baja California.

El Guajillos Tacos & Ceviche opened in November 2017 in Todo Santos, the capital of Bataan, and is now the only taco bar to open in the state of Todoz, according to the Todogos Sanchez newspaper.

Todos Sanchez reporter Alvaro Gonzalez reported that El Guaiillos owner Jose Sanchez had decided to open a second taco bar after the Todo San Cristobal, which opened in January 2017, was shut down in Mexico after allegations of corruption.

A local official, who did not want to be named, told the newspaper that the chain was open but that it had been shut down by the Mexican government.

“This is the first time that there is no Todocho.

It was shut by the government, and now there is nothing, and we have to find a new place to operate,” he said.”

We need to have a new business model to make money.”

El Guaiillo did not respond to requests for comment.

In a country that has had a history of corruption, El Guavaillos has been accused of having links to the drug cartels and being used as a front for money laundering.

In 2015, the Togos Zavala newspaper said the chain had links to a crime syndicate, which had been linked to drug traffickers and the smuggling of gold.

In May this year, a US congressional investigation revealed that El Guerra de Taco, a restaurant in the city of Tijuana where El Guayillos is located, had a “totally separate” and “uncontrolled” relationship with the drug gang La Familia de Tijuana (LFT).LFT is one of Mexico’s most powerful criminal groups, and its leader is believed to be Guillermo Reyes, a former Mexican president.

“They are all connected,” one witness told the Toda News.

“It’s all done in Mexico,” the witness added.

“The government is afraid of them because they are all so powerful.

We don’t know what’s going on.”

In 2017 El Guazillos said it was closing down because of the threat of a new wave of violence in the country.