How to get more pizza at Sonic menu price, with no bacon?

By Peter Panayiotou and George MarleyThe Detroit Red Wings have been doing something very cool lately.

They’re not only dominating the NHL, they’re also going for the Stanley Cup in the process.

Now, they’ve got a new menu item to add to their roster: a beer.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Red Wings are now offering up three beer options: beer, wine, and a vodka option.

The beer will cost $3.99.

The wine will cost an additional $1.99 and the vodka will cost just $1 for $3 pours.

The beer and wine will be available for $7.99 for adults, $6.99 with children, and $5.99 in the food and drink category.

The new menu is also available at Panera and other locations.