When Jamba Juice’s ‘Tim Hortons’ is no longer a menu item: Why the big food chain has lost its cool

Jamba has announced that it will be replacing its popular Tim Hortons menu with a new menu that is more focused on healthy eating.

The new menu will feature healthy options that include a selection of jamba juice drinks, as well as a variety of sandwiches and wraps.

Tim Horton is not the only restaurant chain that is moving away from the menu altogether.

“In recent years, Tim Horton has been the perfect place for our family to enjoy fresh-baked goods and freshly prepared meals,” said Tim Hortin Chief Operating Officer, Matt Leech.

The move to the healthier menu will not affect the Tim Hortins regular menu.

For years, customers have been asking for a more varied menu.

The new menu includes some of the healthiest options, including jamba juices and the newly redesigned jambalaya, which includes grilled vegetables.

Jamba has also said it will launch a new food truck in the city to bring in new customers.

It will be available throughout the city and around the world through a partnership with Lyft.

Last month, Tim Horton announced that the company would be cutting 4,000 jobs across the company.

With the Tim Horton’s menu changes, Tims goal is to improve its customer experience and improve its brand.

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