‘Buck’ owner’s family to be taken care of by charity

A longtime friend of Buck’s family will take over their care, a move the family is not expecting.

A source close to the family told CBS News the family will relocate to a small town in Pennsylvania, but the family won’t be moving out of their hometown.

Family friend John Cawthon said the family had planned to move out of the area after the death of Buck, the son of legendary rock musician Jerry Cawthan.

Cawthor said the move is a way for the family to “move forward and get back on the road.”

Cawthan said he and his wife are excited to move to the area.

“We will be getting back on our feet.

We’re excited,” Cawtha said.

“We’re really excited about it.”

Cawsons parents have been married for more than 40 years.

He said his family has been very generous with Buck’s care and that they would love to continue.

“I have a lot of love for the people of the world.

And it’s really great to see the people who know me and love me and the kids that love me,” he said.

He added that the family plans to use the money to help the community and their hometown get back to normalcy.

“It’s not like they’re going to move.

They’re going with us,” he told CBS.

“They’re going out of business.

They’ve lost a lot.

They lost a good family member, and they’re not going to go back to their old ways.

They’ll be back to something new.”

He said the Cawths have no plans to leave.

Cawson said his son is a big fan of Buck and plans to be a good role model for his kids.

“They’re a really sweet family.

I really appreciate it.

And they’re just so happy,” he added.

Cwthon added that they plan to open a tattoo shop in the town, a restaurant and a clothing store.

The family will be moving into the new house in a few weeks.