How to get into the farmer boys food-tasting contest

A new Facebook competition has been launched by the Farmer Boys Club, in which you can win a free meal, a new pair of Farmer Boys sunglasses and an autographed Farmer Boys baseball card.

“Farmer Boys” is a children’s comedy series set in a rural community where the only way to survive is to learn to cook.

The contest is open to any aged five or older.

Anyone can enter, but only if they have a photo of their Farmer Boys playing on the field or are over the age of 18.

If you win, you’ll be entered in the contest and will get a free Farmer Boys mug.

Anyone who doesn’t win a mug will get one for free.

To enter the Farmer Boys contest, simply share the link to the Facebook page.

It’s a fun opportunity for the family and a fun way to support the club.

Farmer boys is a new Facebook page created by the Farmer boys club, which will give away a FREE Farmer Boys cup.

If your family has a Farmer Boys fan, and you’re not sure how to get involved, you can read more about how you can participate on the page.