IHOP is back, but for a different reason

The Chinese-American restaurant chain IHop is back after almost 20 years in the United States.

Its menu has changed, but its menu has stayed the same.

The chain is now offering more dishes that have come to the U.S. since it opened in Chicago in 2004.

IHop’s menu has been expanded to include Asian dishes, and its signature chicken wings have been popular in Asian-American restaurants for decades.

It is still offering a traditional Chinese menu, but the chain is bringing more new menu items to the table.

The chain plans to open more locations in the U-S.

over the next few years.

Chinese American restaurant chains have expanded their menus and offerings in recent years, including a number of new additions to the national chain’s menu in the past year.

IHops first U.K. location opened in 2012 and was later rebranded as Chinese Hillbilly Steakhouse.

Chinatown restaurants have been the most successful restaurants in the country for years, thanks to their variety and popularity.