Taco Bell to remove chicken nuggets and beef burritos from menu

The fast-casual chain will remove chicken and beef nuggets from its menu in an effort to “reclaim some of the glory that has been lost to the fast food industry” after an outcry from customers.

According to the chain’s news release, the nuggets will be removed from the breakfast menu and will be replaced with the following: Chicken, chicken nugget, chicken, chicken and veggie nuggets.

“This change will give our customers a chance to experience the new, healthier, less processed and more flavorful product that we have been working hard to bring to our customers,” said Taco Bell CEO Steve Easterbrook in a statement.

As part of the new policy, customers will be able to choose to have a small portion of the nugges in their meal, and will have the option to choose their favorite toppings for the meal.

In addition to the chicken nugs, Taco Bell has also announced plans to introduce “specialty” burritoes that will feature different ingredients such as pico de gallo, chicken tenders and green salsa.

Taco Bell has been in a food fight with fast food chains for years.

It was forced to remove some of its chicken noggin offerings after consumers complained about the chicken’s excessive salt and sugar.

Last month, Taco Macs, Taco Mama’s and Taco Bell’s own chain, ordered a cease and desist order from McDonalds after a number of complaints about the ingredients used.

Earlier this month, Burger King also said it was removing its chicken and nuggy options from its menus in response to customer feedback.