Jason’s Deli is changing name to Long Horn menu

Updated June 01, 2018 07:19:59 It may sound like a big change, but Jason’s delirium menu is about to get bigger.

The iconic Sydney restaurant is changing its name to the Long Horn Menu and says the menu will include new and classic favourites such as a burger, steak, hot dog, ham and bacon sandwich.

Jason’s owner Jason Sarno says the new menu will feature “new and classic” menu items, such as burgers, steak and a “bacon and a hot dog sandwich”.

“We’re going to have new and very old classics,” he said.

“We’ve got burgers, sausage, steak-fried chicken, fried fish, sausage and hot dogs.”

Jason’s, located on the Gold Coast’s North Shore, has been a staple of the city’s dining scene since it opened in 1996.

It is a family run business that has had three generations of its owners, Jason, his wife and son, in the restaurant.

“There’s nothing that can compare to Jason’s and it’s a great place to be,” Mr Sarnos said.

The restaurant will also feature a new menu item called “Moe’s”, which is a “new concept menu item”, according to Mr Sarko.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Smith says Moe’s will feature some of the most sought-after ingredients in Sydney, such a “cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms burger”, but also some of Sydney’s most famous dishes, such the “jumbo shrimp burger” and the “pork and cheese sandwich”.

Mr Smith’s father, who has worked at the restaurant for 30 years, said he and Mr Sorno have been trying to make Moe’s into something that could “reignite” the restaurant’s reputation.

“I think it’s going to be a success,” Mr Lee said.

Jason’s has been the scene of controversy since a new restaurant opened in the city in January, 2016.

In March, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Mr Sorko had asked a former owner of the restaurant to remove the restaurant from the city.

The Herald reported Mr Socko had previously been fined $1,000 for failing to provide the city with a licence and failing to ensure the establishment complied with all food and drink regulations.

Following the allegations, Mr Sondos asked the city to remove Mr Lee from the business, claiming the former owner had failed to pay his bills.

The owners of the newly opened restaurant have been the subject of criticism from the public, as well as the city and its local businesses.

Last year, the City of Sydney suspended the lease of Jason’s restaurant for two years, claiming its use of “improper and misleading signage” and “gross and offensive conduct” by the restaurant was “unacceptable”.

However, the city said it had no right to revoke the lease as it was a “business lease” and Mr Lee was entitled to retain his business.

A spokeswoman for the city confirmed the restaurant had been suspended, but did not comment further on the situation.