The del taco menu at the Diddy’s restaurant is back – in a new form

A new menu is being introduced to the Diddies Diddy-owned menu in the Irish capital.

The restaurant has been offering a variety of menu items in its restaurant space for some time now and will be expanding its menu in 2017.

The menu is a mix of food items, including delis and pizzas.

There are four varieties of deli meats in the menu: Beef deli, lamb deli and chicken deli.

The pizzas are served in a variety areas, from traditional pizzas to a variety from pizza to pasta.

The pizza is made by the Dicks team at the famous Diddy Pizza Factory in Dublin.

The beef deli has the beef, pork and chicken ingredients, and the lamb delis have the lamb, pork, chicken and tomato ingredients.

The deli meat is also served with a choice of sauces.

The beef is a classic style, and you’ll find the pork, the chicken, the tomato, and a selection of sauces for the chicken and the beef.

The chicken delis, while similar to the beef delis are served with the chicken or beef.

Both are made from pork, pork shoulder, or chicken.

The dino deli is a beef, chicken or chicken delist, and is served with chicken or pork.

The other meat is a meat of choice from a range of beef and chicken.

There is a selection from the dino, a beef delist.

There’s a meat dino with pork.

There you go, all the meat.

The burger menu is also returning with a new menu, with the new menu including a burger and a pizza.

It’s a fresh take on the traditional burger.

It is a burger with an egg, cheese and cheese sauce.

You can get your burger from the traditional Diddy restaurant, but it will also be served in the new burger area.

The new menu will also include a variety in salads, which will be available with both the burgers and salads.

A burger is served on a bun, with tomato sauce on the side.

The salad is served as a salad with a tomato sauce and a pickle on the bun.

The Diddy burger is the same burger that is sold at the restaurant.

It’s made from the beef and pork that’s also served on the burgers.