Panera Bread and Starbucks to Introduce a New Panera Style Waffle House menu

Panera will launch a new Panera bread and Starbucks coffee menu for the first time on the eve of its $1.3 billion sale to Starbucks.

Panera’s Wafflehouse and Starbucks cafes will feature the new Panero bread and espresso bar concept.

The two companies will also roll out new Paneras to Starbucks customers at Panera stores in Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, New York City and San Francisco.

The Panera WaffleHouse menu will be a mix of sandwiches, sandwiches and desserts, with the new breakfast sandwiches featuring salads, breakfast rolls, biscuits and more.

The new Panorama Waffle house will feature breakfast sandwiches, salads, pancakes and breakfast rolls.

The Panera Starbucks cafe menu will feature salads, sandwiches, waffles and coffee.

While the new sandwiches will be based on the Panera model, the Panerarias will be the first Panera products to be built on the Starbucks platform, according to a press release.

The concept is the brainchild of Rob Klein, who joined Panera in March and previously served as the executive chef and co-owner of Starbucks.

Klein said Panera had been looking for a better way to serve breakfast for its customers.

“We wanted to create a more casual, modern and accessible breakfast experience, with a more focused focus on serving a broad range of delicious foods,” he said in the press release announcing the Panero Waffle and Starbucks Paneramas.

“Our goal is to create Paneramic breakfast and coffee, where customers can find the perfect blend of delicious, fresh and fresh tasting food,” he added.